Forever a Child

I had come to the belief that every generation think that their generation is the best. And that the previous generation was too backward, and the next generation is too idiotic. But this post will not be about whose generation is better, because if this post is about that, it’s gonna end on the next line.

My generation is totally better. Fin.

However, i will not be talking about that. I want to talk about something completely different but still somehow related.

It baffles me sometimes how kids nowadays are eagerly knocking on the door of adulthood. Perhaps a little too eager. I once read in a news article about a teenage girl who threw a hot milk on the face of her own mother because her mother refused to buy her a new cellphone. There was also this famous case in my town where fights between highschool resulted in the dead of one student. Or how the local “homemade” porn industry is dominated by highschool students, many still in their uniforms, acting like a pornstar wannabe. No, of course i don’t watch those porns. I just took a quick peek in the name of research.

Anyway, my point is, it seems like only yesterday i was that cute little boy, amazed by the world i’m currently living in, learning magic, discovering magical creatures, being taught Kamehameha, and enjoying my semester in Hogwarts. Who am i kidding? Okay, i was lying, i’m not that cute when i was little boy. But the other parts are true. My point is, i have an amazing childhood. I mean, compared to my life now, my childhood was way better. Raindrops on windows was the best race in the world, a broom was everything from guitar, sword, lightsaber, rifle, or anything you can imagine. And my bed was the cockpit of the most sophisticated battle jet in the Ararknoar (it’s the name of my imaginary world, i know it sucks, i just wrote what came to mind). Now, what do i have? A stack of papers i have to finished reading before the weekend? Working late for an underpaid part-time job? Finals? Women? (Just kidding, women are great, sometimes). I’m not saying that i hate my life as of now. (I do actually). I’m just saying that those pre-puberty kids should stop knocking so hard. If they were to take over the body of adults for a week and see with their own eyes how sad, and cruel, and lonely adulthood is, they would cling to their childhood harder than Smeagol to the One Ring.

And if i were to take their body and be a child again, i will never want to leave. I’ll say it. I hate growing up. There are too much demands from the world, from the people around you; there are less love, and support, and true friends once you’re growing up. I know at this point most of you would say, oh God this guy needs to talk to someone, he’s going crazy. But i’m not, i’m not crazy for longing for being 15 again. And neither do those 15 kids who want to be 25. I’m just saying enjoy your childhood while it last. Yeah sure at one point i will find the way to enjoy my growing up and early adulthood phase, but only with the help of sense of humor and creativity, two things childhood gave me.

So yeah, being a child rocks! And being an adult sss–srocks too!

But i believe that life stop being enjoyable–or we stop being child–once we seek approval, first from parents or family, then from the world around us. I believe that’s not growing up is all about.

So, enjoy your childhood while it last, and if it’s too late and you’re already growing up, bring back a little taste of childishness into your life, wait for the ensuing amazingness.


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Korean-Pop, Justin Bieber, and Edward Cullen

twas sunday like any other sunday. When every creature sways under the sun ray. I was sitting on a couch motionless, not minding the world only my own business. When suddenly out of the black box in front of me, a wild creature appear and suck my soul out of my body.

Who am i kidding? I’m not a poet.

So, Bieber, Cullen, KPop have become TV and Internet sensations. It basically haunts my every move.

I have a dream, when i can go to the mall without the eye following me;
the flirty eye of pre-puberty boy that haunt everything i see
the cute eye of cute boys dress in white and all girly
the white horror eyes that long for my blood and mercy

Sorry. I don’t know why i keep doing this.

They are basically everywhere. Music shows (duh), TV Series, TV ads, billboard, movies; everything, basically everything. It would come as no surprise to me if Kim Jong Il actually have a life-sized poster of Justin Bieber in his bed—-room. And my personal reaction when i saw them on TV was like, meh, whatever.

I heard Bieber or Korean Popstars sing once, and i was all like, “I don’t really like the music”, and went on with my life. I mean, there are many songs, and singers, that i just don’t enjoy listening to, but that just life is, isn’t it?. The same things went for Twilight. I never read the book, but i watched the movie in my laptop for 10 minutes and thought, “Just not my kind of movie”. But then again, there are many movies out there that i just don’t like. I mean, if Hollywood actually make movies based on what i want, that would be Awes–ful, Just Awesful. (courtesy Barney Stinson).

So i thought, yeah some people i clearly would never understood actually like those kind of things, but that doesn’t make it wrong (or right either). Entertainment industry premises are based on creating something that people would enjoy! And if some people actually enjoyed that, then who am i to tell otherwise?

But then, i realized, KPop, Bieber, and Twilight generate as many haters as they do fans. It’s all over the internet. Just Google it and you can find hates as much as loves. And all of those jokes about them was based on the idea that they are all gay.

And i can see why.

And also based on the ridiculity(is it a word?) that they (the fans not the haters)  worship them like some kind of flawless deity. I once made a half-joke remark about a Korean Popstar whose three-syllables name i don’t remember (i’m not racist, i’m asian too). And one of my friend, a fan, was all over me with defensive tantrums suitable for a court preceding. And i was confused, and forced to apologize (just kidding, i threw even more jokes). Even when Batman, my favorite superhero, was made fun of, i didn’t get THAT upset. Partly because i know it’s a joke and partly because i knew, i really knew, that batman will get those insulters (is this also a word?). The point is, they are not Gods!. Aphrodite is a Goddess, Zeus is a God, Ares is a God, but Cullen, Bieber, and Kim Jong Il (i assume all asians name are alike–again, i’m asian too) are not! And if all of you fans want to give everyone who made fun of them the Medieval Inquisitor treatments, then it’s just natural that those people just crack even more jokes about them (Bieber cs, not the Roman Gods). So just stop it. They are mere mortals, and other people have as many reasons not to like them as yours to love them.

On the other hand, you hater better stop hating them so much. It’s okay to make fun of them once in a while, i do that sometimes. But you know, it gets less funny once overused, and just comes out as bitter. So yeah, i enjoy the jokes, i make one once in a while, but just don’t do it too much. I mean, if it wasn’t for all those haters and their hate posts, i would still living my peaceful life safe from the knowledge about these creat–i mean celebrities. I’m serious. Most of the things i know about them i learned from the haters, not the fans. So let’s be creative and find some other things to make joke about. And if you want to make a joke about them, make sure it’s hilarious.. just like this guy

so enjoy your life, and open your mind for jokes. Because i think no one is worse than those who can’t take jokes.

Thanks for reading, happy holidays 😀

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Why TomTomtorom?

yes, i did realize that the name is weird. So why did i use it. Simple, because i can and there is nothing you can do about that, beach! (not a typo). No but seriously, because I can, as in there is nothing else that even remotely resembles my name was available. Because (it’s the only thing) I can (use). And you know what, it’s not really weird once you say it over a hundred times out loud. Seriously, try it!. I bet my blog name’s weirdness will be eclipse by yours once you do that.

So yeah, it’s totomtorom. And to make it more memorable recite it mentally using the wedding jingle melody. TOMTOMTOROM, TOMTOMTOROM. too weird? sorry.

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So, my name is Hestutomo Restu Kuncoro. But most people would call me Tommy. I’m not actually new at blogging though this blog address is. I made few blogs back when i was in highschool. Ever since then i have been swamped in depressions, troubles, mental hospitalization, and even hallucination. My family tried everything to cure me, doctor, mental hospital, psychic, psychic with doctoral degree, but nothing worked. So at the bottom of my depression, schizoprenia and anxiety, i thought, hey, perhaps what i really need is a new blog. And voila, here i am completely cured. Apparently, nothing like the power of new blog with cute-fail name in curing mental disorder.

And if you wonder whether my story is true, no it’s actually not. But the fact that i actually wrote those things suggest that i might actually HAVE a mental disorder. Oh God, do I?

Anyway, all kidding aside, i make this blog to post about my writings (duh). These last couple of years, i have been a good student (not THAT good) of Political Science, and most of (as in all of) my writings were about seeing a problem through an established political or philosophical point of view. And it gets boring. And if you ever wondered why on earth explaining things using theories formulated hundreds years ago, that i read from hundreds-years-old books with many old (i mean really OLD) words and expressions unknown to modern civilized world can get boring, i don’t know, perhaps i just can’t have fun. What can I say? That’s just the way i am.

So in this lattest blog of mine, most of my writings would be about my thoughts and feelings regarding things. What kind of thing? any kind of things. Even things that are just like things, but not really, in a modern sense of knowledge, actually things. what?. And i apologize beforehand if my writings will be weird, strange, or any adjective synonym with those two words–since i will be writing without much editing, just letting it all flow. And if my writings turn up okay, or even good, well, let’s just say i get lucky.

A Little Bit About Me

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